IT Security Liaisons


The ASU Information Security Policy specifies the requirement for establishing security representatives from colleges and units that manage and maintain manage their own Information Technology services and solutions.

These security representatives, known as Information Security Liaisons (ISL) serves as the unit liaison with the ITS Office of Information Security regarding security-related matters and activities.

The role of Security Liaison offers units a voice in the creation of ASU technical standards and services, and provides a single internal point of contact, allowing ITS-OIS and the individual units to create a more direct and integrated working relationship.

Liaison Responsibilities

  • Acting as central point of contact for security efforts and issues.
  • Providing feedback to ITS-OIS staff on information security improvements.
  • Pperiodically meeting with the ITS-OIS staff for awareness and updates.
  • Provide advisement and assistance with selection and development of security solutions and services.
  • Periodically reporting regarding unit’s security status and compliance with relevant policies and standards.

Selection and Eligibility Requirements

Information Security Liaisons are appointed by Dean's or Department Heads from their respective units.

ISL appointees should meet the following requirements.

  • Must hold a position within the unit empowered to address security related issues and concerns.
  • Must be able to commit an average of 2-4 hours a month to Security Liaison role
  • Should have technical experience
  • Should be familiar with unit's internal IT practices and needs.