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Office of Information Security  

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Led by the Chief Information Security Officer, Jim Webb, the Office of Information Security (ITS-OIS) is the University's information security unit.  ITS-OIS supports Appalachian State University's mission by advancing the management of risks related to University information resources and fostering resilient and safe computing environments for the University community.

Our Mission

The Office of Information Security supports Appalachian State University by improving the identification and management of risks related to University information resources and fostering resilient, safe computing environments for our community. We achieve our mission through vision, innovation, strong partnerships, broad collaboration, and outstanding program services.

Our Values


Information security is an institutional issue and a shared responsibility for all App State students, faculty, and staff. For this reason, we strive to foster governance, active collaboration, and receptiveness to ideas that help improve App State's information security plans, policies, and services.


Information security threats are dynamic and emerge quickly. For this reason, we strive to continually improve and evolve ASU's security capabilities and standards in a proactive manner. We recognize what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.


Risk is a necessary element of innovation, experimentation, and change. In addition, information security risks can never be completely eliminated. For this reason, we strive to maintain a reasonable and realistic approach to managing appreciable information security risks while also supporting agility, innovation, and academic freedom that are key to our teaching and research missions.


It is critical that the University community be made aware of methods for securely utilizing information resources as well as empowered to identify and respond to security threats. In addition, Information Security staff themselves must remain committed to continual education and awareness of new technologies, threats, and legal/compliance changes. For this reason, we strive to focus on education as a core component of our security program.

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James Webb, Deputy CIO & Chief Information Security Officer
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