Appalachian Security Awareness Training

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Appalachian State University has partnered with the SANS Institute to offer online security awareness videos for all Appalachian faculty and staff members. 

What is Securing The Human?

Securing the Human is an online computer-based security awareness and training program that provides faculty and staff with informative and efficient training regarding security threats and issues.  The training consists of a number of videos that cover specific security topics. The videos range anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes in length and are intended to raise awareness and influence user behavior that will reduce security risks. The training allows the users to complete the training at their own pace, monitor their progress, and revisit completed training. 

Faculty & Staff Online Training

All University Faculty & Staff can access training by visiting the web-site below.  You will login using your University userID and password:  

Role Based Security Training

The ITS Office of Information Security Also provides custom role based training to address compliance and risks related to use of confidential institutional data.  This sessions are offered only during specific time periods.

These role-based training sessions currently include:

Annual Banner Privileged User Training

 This training is provided to staff who are determined to have privileged access to read or modify significant amounts of confidential data.  This training is usually provided between JAN - MAR.

Annual PCI-DSS Training 

This training is provided to University employees who handle credit-card transactions in the conduct of University business. This training addresses compliance requirements related to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  This training is usually provided between OCT - DEC. 

 How Can I Access the Custom Content Found During The Training?

Click here for a list of links to the custom content pages you saw during the training.