Faculty and Staff Tips to Stay Safe Online

Faculty and Staff Tips to Stay Safe Online

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Review your Social Media Privacy settings - customize your privacy settings and think about what you share

Be aware of online scams - don't get lured by phishing!  Report attempts to get your username, password, or other personal information to phish@appstate.edu and see reported phishing attempts at security.appstate.edu/phishing

Keep your office computer on 1 night during the week to get IT updates

Lock your computer when you step away



Security Resources


Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus

Secunia PSI - Free Tool To Keep Your PC Patched

Microsoft Security CheckList For Windows7

 Mac OS/X 

Sophos Free Antivirus For Mac 


DNS Service Malware Protection

Appalachian Resources

filelocker.appstate.edu for secure transmission of confidential information (more information)

asuvpn.appstate.edu to connect to our VPN

support.appstate.edu/answers/what-udesk-how-do-i-use-it to learn how to use uDesk

University guidelines for storing and sharing information

Our Technology Support Center  can troubleshoot problems, and remove virus and spyware from your devices.


See something suspicious?  Report issues promptly - call the ITS Help Desk at 828-262-6266



 Know our Guidelines for Storing & Sharing University Information

Use uDesk -- a remote virtual Windows desktop that runs on your computer -- when appropriate.  If you visit a site with malware in uDesk, your computer won't be infected

Keep clean machines by setting up and installing regular updates on your devices and software

Back up your files to uStor P: drive

Use Good Passwords and keep them safe

  • Use unique passwords - with letters, numbers, and symbols - for each account
  • If you need help remembering your passwords, use a password vault like KeePass
  • Don't provide your password to anyone.  ITS will never ask for your password




 Connect Safely

  • Use a secure wireless connection, like "asu" secure wireless network, or use ASU VPN when you connect to public wireless
  • Use https whenever you transmit confidential information to a website

Be careful where you click

  • Use official sites like Google Play Store to download apps, and review what they want to access
  • Don't open questionable email attachments or click on website ads